Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Motion Blur in MentalRay

(not my bg, just something to mess with the renders on top of)

So, MentalRay looks great.
And, motion blur is kind of neat for quick, cartoony stuff.

Put them together and you get a big, bowl of slow.
If you like math, this is the equation: MR+MB=SLOW.

Anybody have any decent looking motion-blur-in-post solutions?

Getting late, bed calling.
Need to investigate this MB in MR situation further tomorrow.

Oh, and bring a drill for Sean.
And Up blu-ray for the other Sean.


  1. What software are you using for post? If you render a Normalized 2d Motion Vector pass of your animation, you can use a plug-in in NUKE to give you a nice motionBlur. PLug in is called ReelSmart motion Blur. You pipe that pass into this node and it should give you some nice motion Blur.

  2. I'm using After Effects for post. Is it able to handle a the 2d motion vector information?

  3. Hey Jeff, I like your character design

    As posted above, ReelSmart MotionBlur works rather well. The plugin is available for After Effects. I use the cheaper non-pro version (no motion vector info support) and that works well enough for my needs. If you shell out a bit more cash, the pro version supports vector input in After Effects and Combustion.

    I had the same problem. I had a simple character that rendered 24 seconds/frame using MR's final gather and mid-level anti-aliasing. Add in motion blur at the default settings and the render time jumped to over two minutes/frame. Bump up the settings to good looking motion blur, and the render time was 16 minutes/frame!

    ReelSmart works well and renders pretty quickly. As a bonus, you can adjust the amount of blur throughout a render.

    I am now experimenting with techniques to get clear arcs into blurs (and some smear "drawings" for bigger cartoony motions) by using lattice deformers, ReelSmart, and even a bit of photoshoping.

  4. Awesome!! Super inspiring!! I am doing a short too...feel free to check it out!!
    www.suzannekaufman.blogspot.com...happy animating